Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day without my Valentine

Today is Valentine's Day, yet I'm not celebrating it with The Busy Man (I think i'll refer him as that for now). After more than a decade of dating, we came to terms that Valentine's Day is a commercialised event meant to rip off couples. I think he already stopped buying flowers many years ago, and sometimes just resort to card and dinner.

Last night, he asked me whether we still want to celebrate Valentine's Day or not, now that we are getting married. I told him "At least wish me 'Happy Valentine's Day' la..." which he did. But to him, it is just another day.

My staff were even more anxious than me when they found out I'm not going out for Valentine's Day.

"Then what happens if there's no more romance if you all don't celebrate Valentine's Day"

"Afterwards become boring liao"

"How can you accept such thing from him?"

"Must celebrate one! Even I married also I celebrate! I insist!"

Wah. They are all so concerned for me...

Anyway, even I insisted, it wouldn't be fair to him as he is extremely busy these few weeks. We just had CNY dinner the night before, and will have another CNY dinner this weekend. So I will wanna think it's only this time. Must remember to insist for a Valentine's Day celebration next year :)


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