Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wedding is an EXPENSIVE Affair

I'm supposed to be working on my presentation charts over the weekend, but always ended up surfing at wedding sites......sigh.....

My fiance always reminded me that during the days when we first dated, I actually told him that getting married won't cost a lot of money.

Boy, I was DEAD WRONG.

During recent years, rising prices of goods and services made a so-called wedding an expensive affair. Judging from the number of bridal house that mushroomed around SS2 within a short span of time, the frequency of wedding publications and more customised services offered, it looks like the wedding industry is a lucrative business.

During my discussion with friends on their wedding plans, some of them wanted to keep it simple, hence they tend to visit those bridal house that offer all sorts of services under one roof. It is also convenient as well but to me they do not necessarily offer what the customer needs, but due to convenience customer tends to sign up the packages. I'm not sure if it is any cheaper but my guess is that it's definitely more worth it if one signs up for a package deal rather than go 'ala carte'.

Then there's also some couples (including us), who has looked through the bridal house and didn't like what they offer, we turn to those specialist shops, which offer what we want, but we ended up having to pay a 'premium' for their services.

So far I have signed up for photography and wedding dress, all done via different shops. The cost is definitely more expensive, but I trust that they will provide the best services for us. Another part I like of these shops is that they are transparent when it comes to pricing, unlike some bridal house which has a lot of 'hidden costs' in the package.

In terms of wedding venue, some couples save cost by having it in a Chinese restaurant. However, this is a bit hard for us as we have a lot of Muslim colleagues. It's not proper if you have it in a Chinese restaurant serving baby pork in front of your Muslim boss! Hence we chose to have it in a hotel. But again, cost per table now is more than RM1K, as compared to last time. If everyone give RM50 angpow also not enough to recover half the cost! My wish is that our guests will increase the angpow $$ to help us recover some cost :)

I have yet to engage a make-up artist (already have a couple names in mind), wedding invitation and florist. Hope that their charges will fit into our wedding budget as we seemed to like to do things 'our way' so there's a price to pay for wanting to be as different from the rest. But again, how different can we get? I guess time will tell, but I really hope things will turn out well for the amount of $$ we've pumped in for the wedding so far...

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lilium said... is an expensive affair. The good thing for me is that I no need to sakit kepala looking for new home, otherwise, more PENING KEPALA!!