Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome to Cupcake Chic Cupcakery!

The donut craze is everywhere. People are comparing between Big Apple and JCo donuts. Me? Well, let's just say I prefer cupcakes :)

Ever since I got hooked to Cupcake Chic's fabulous chocolate cupcakes, I have been eagerly anticipating the launch of their cupcakery in Jan 08. However, due to a series of 'timing issues', I only manage to visit their shop in early Feb 08.

The Cupcake Chic cupcakery is located at The Curve, same section as Secret Recipe and Coffee Bean. They are located next to Gloria Jeans and can be seen while driving past The Curve. They had revamped their website and even have their daily menu available online.

Both my visits are during Saturdays, hence I could only try those flavours available on that day itself. During my first visit, I was very very late, hence only selected flavours were available. In the end, I chose Rum & Raisin, Persian Love and Lycheetini.

Persian Love and Rum & Raisin

The texture from the cakes were good and moist. However, perhaps I am very used to strong flavours, hence I can't really taste the cakes' flavour, but at least there was a slightly stronger taste from the Rosewater frosting from Persian Love. I wished there was more rum though in the Rum & Raisin frosting *hic*. Size-wise, it is the same as when I tried the Christmas cupcakes in Dec 07 so it's great to have a huge cupcake to savour on :)

During my second visit, I decided to have my cupcake with a cup of coffee as breakfast after gym. After much deliberation, I settled for Wake Me Up and a glass of hot mocha.

Wake Me Up

I somehow prefer this over the ones I ordered during my first visit. While I can't really taste the coffee cake, its coffee frosting makes up the cupcake experience. The feeling after each bite of coffee cupcake and drinking the mocha? It's totally great!

I've yet to try the rest of the flavours, will have to make my cupcake purchase as some sort of indulgence rather than a weekly routine. If not, there goes my diet plan before the wedding!

Before I got started on this post, I met up with my cousin who just came back from the US for holiday. She mentioned about this cupcake shop called Sprinkles which catered for the cupcake craze in the States. I checked out the website and guess what? I think Cupcake Chic has gotten its inspiration from Sprinkles. They have the same type of photoshoots, shop display layout and the most uncanny resemblance of the menu board!

Sprinkles menu board (click here)

Cupcake Chic menu board (click here)


However, before one could shout 'Copycat!', I think it is fair to assume Cupcake Chic tries to be very similar to Sprinkles, but they too differentiate themselves. For example, they actually named their cupcakes such as 'On Cloud 9', 'Forget Me Not' and 'Fatal Attraction' as compared to Sprinkles 'Black and White', 'Mocha' and 'Banana'. Yawn.

Cupcake Chic also came up with their own version of cupcakes such as 'Onde-Onde' (gula melaka) and 'Envy' (green tea) which is not available in Sprinkles' list. One fine example is their Chinese New Year special - Lycheetini.


Lycheetini is a - no prizes for guessing - lychee cupcake with lychee liquor frosting, decorated with circular red 'Fook' lightly brushed with 18K edible gold. Inside the cupcake there are lychee bits, which makes it even more authentic. I find the frosting a tad too sweet, but lucky the cake is ok so it sort of offset the sweetness of the frosting. I give cookie points for creativity and the 'fook' decoration :)

So far, chocolate wins hands down for now, followed by coffee. But I still have many many more flavours to go. Hopefully I have the discipline not to go overboard with cupcakes but still get to try all flavours eventually :)

Here's wishing Cupcake Chic all the best and more yummy cupcakes to come!


stev said...

very yummy looking cupcakes

no wonder its a craze =)

JC & BigApple are actually owned by the same people if you may have heard ;)

One was to test the market & now both around differentiated only by the brand (and more importantly the pricing ;)

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jason said...

Sprinkles and Cupcake Chic looks very similar but then, I don't mind copycats :P

Nice write-ups.