Friday, March 21, 2008

Another interesting observation

Made a few more interesting observations during my cousin's wedding dinner. Most of these are already covered here, but the ones below are in addition to my observations while in Kluang.

Towards the end of the wedding dinner, everyone was reading newspapers as there was a newspaper vendor making his round selling the evening edition 夜报 . What an opportunist!

Instead of ice-cream, this time we were served jelly for dessert. It was rather refreshing experience though I miss those 'tong sui' type desserts served in KL.

Yes, if you can't finish your food, you are allowed to 'tah pau' , unlike the hotels and restaurants in KL. Our table didn't have much food left as I was seating with Ototo-san and four male cousins...

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Ladolf Zhen Huitler said...

Those male cousins of yours sure 'pao-ed' the food nicely.