Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Argh...being getting addicted to the (fluff)Friends application on Facebook, no thanks to their Easter Egg Hunting activity that was ongoing the past week!

We're supposed to visit each of our friend's (fluff)page to see if there's an egg waiting to be collected.

This means no egg. Tough luck, try again.

This means there's an egg waiting to be collected. Yippie!

There were ten types of eggs waiting to be collected. The most 'valuable' of all the Victory egg, a gold egg which can be traded for other eggs or bought with (fluff)Friend's currency munny.

I was quite contented looking for the ten eggs to complete my egg collection. But no.....later they have to come up with the bountiful basket and secret eggs!

To get a bountiful basket, one needs to collect at least ten eggs within the top seven days of the Egg Hunt period. If one collects at least twenty eggs within the top seven days, the person will receive two bountiful baskets.

It's so pretty so I had to make sure I had just one. Looking back at the tally, I am this close to obtain a second basket! But oh well......

The obsession kicked in when they started introducing 'secret eggs' during the hunt. These are actually limited edition eggs which are supposedly randomly placed. I can't tell if it is a secret egg or not behind the fence. So far I know there are five secret eggs around, I was lucky to collect four of them after countless hours of clicking and petting so many fluff(Friends) owners around the world.

But the most elusive of all is the Lamb Egg. I want but I can't find it!

Some friends I know are taking rather desparate measures in order to obtain the secret eggs.

I'm not that crazy. Yet.

So how bad was the obsession?

When I go home, I will be looking for Easter Eggs.

When I wake up, I will be looking for Easter Eggs.

When I dream, I dream of Easter Eggs.

I'm glad it's finally over.

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lilium said...

Haha! I didn't really bother about easter egg hunting. But I agree, the eggies are lovely in their colours.