Sunday, March 09, 2008

A New Dawn, A New Day

I stayed up close to 3am trying to follow the election results. It was really frustrating as we're not getting the information as fast as we want to. Yeah, there's Malaysiakini but it's an unofficial version, and I don't want to be getting any false hopes on what's happening.

This morning, it was official - BN was denied the 2/3 majority but still form the Government based on simple majority. I already heard they lost Kedah and Penang, while Kelantan was maintained by PAS, but the shocker was that they lost Selangor and Perak too! At the Federal Territory level, Opposition won 11 out of the 13 seats contested. Total shocker!

For me it translate to one thing - BN undermined the urban voters. The signs were everywhere - people were saying to vote for the opposition, but i guess UMNO still thinks they can retain their seats. Boy, they were DEAD WRONG. Even Shahrizat lost. That was like a David vs Goliath situation. They think control the mainstream media, but there's lots more information available on the Internet - the blogs, Youtube, forums, etc etc. Of course on the surface you can say everything is nice and pretty, but look deep down and you'll see and hear the disgruntled rakyat.

Anyway, I'm not a political analyst but from the results I await eagerly for a New Day in Malaysia. The Opposition better not disappoint the rakyat this time around, or suffer the fate as how BN did during this election.

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