Monday, March 03, 2008

To vote or not to vote

I'm excited over this 8 March 2008.

It will be my first time to cast my vote for the upcoming General Elections.

I'm not really into politics, but looking at what's happening to our country, the timing of the election could not have been better - I think it as an acid test whether can BN weather the storm ahead of its path.

As much as I am looking forward to vote, I am equally dismayed at some of my friends who either have not registered, or do not plan to vote. Some of them said lazy to change address, some think their vote doesn't count as the majority will win anyway, some think politics is not their business, and all sort of excuses.

I think the worst excuse I've heard was that "Why vote for the opposition when BN will win anyway? If they are already running the business, let them continue to run the business, even though I will still complain about them" Huh?


Too much of apathy in our society. People just don't and won't care because they believe in destiny and will let destiny decide their future. Come on! We are given a right to vote, and we are not utilising it? Some countries don't even allow certain groups of people to vote because of their race or skin colour! Shame on you all who do not think of voting!

Let me put it this way : If I vote, I am exercising my right as a citizen of Malaysia. If the party i support wins, good for them and me. If they lose, at least I know I have done my part to vote. If you didn't vote, don't even think you have the right to complain about the government because you never exercise your right in the first place!

My boyfriend gave a hypothetical example : based on trend, the country has around 4 million people that do not vote. So what if these 4 million jokers decided to vote, how much more impact they will bring to the results. Put it in a more simple way : assuming the constituency you are in, there will be around 4000 people who does not vote (based on trend). The election results will change so much if those 4000 people decided to vote (for whoever la). I believe it could even result in an upset if the race is very tight.

Imagine if one BN supporter thinks "why should I vote if BN wins anyway" and suddenly found that his BN candidate has lost the seats because not enough votes! Same goes for the opposition. If one sleeping voter decided one day that he will vote for opposition, and to find out that the opposition won because of this very one vote! It sounds a little bit like American Idol right?

Some people are just not sure who to vote to. Don't know who? No problem! Introducing Kenny Sia's Who-to-vote-this-election decision generator. It's accurate and fun at the same time! Otherwise, attending ceramahs will help to put things into perspective and help you make the decision who to vote for.

Anyway, it's time to make a difference. As how many puts it - " Vote wisely, your vote counts in deciding our future!"


lilium said...

I agree..let our vote speaks for itself although we already know the expected result.

Ladolf Zhen Huitler said...

I may not be eligible to vote yet, but I agree whole-heartedly!

chrispy0712 said...

wat time shud i wake up to the election place? i dunwana Q for whole morning T-T