Saturday, April 12, 2008

Busy Saturday

My Saturdays have always been busy. I kick off the morning at the gym, followed by whichever errands that I needed to run, be it paying credit card bills, washing clothes, cleaning up my room, and then going out at night.

Today after gym (albeit an unsuccessful workout) , doing my laundry and a quick lunch, I went to Mid Valley to run a few errands. Timing is important. Need to go there before 12, or else very hard to find parking. Timing of parking is also very important as I wouldn't want to be paying more when I exceeded my time by a mere 5 minutes, since I don't plan to be there more than 3 hours anyway.

I felt very proud when I came out from Mid Valley empty handed! A lot of pretty things, like bags, shoes, clothes...but didn't buy anything in the end! Got my errand done, and it's time to rush to the hair salon.

Parking was horrible and hard to find where the hair salon is located , so after a few rounds I ended up parking in the shopping complex which charges by the hour @_@. I was looking forward to get my hair trimmed and go for treatment as well. I last went to the hairdresser in Dec 07, and got a perm there. The perm made my life easier as it surprisingly low maintenance. However, 4 months down the road, sometimes I feel like I'm Hermione with the messy hair. So after a few hours, my hair feels lighter and happier too! Again, I could not stay long in the shopping complex for fear of exceeding the parking time again ( I had 10 minutes more before the next hour), which is a good thing - less shopping for me!

Back home, it's more Hong Gil Dong, checking Facebook, my Google Reader and Gmail before heading off for dinner with The Boss and later yum-cha with Tham.

Looking forward to tomorrow - Watch this space :)

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lilium said...

I always love Saturday and more of it recently. Just lazing ard at home do makes me happy =). The thought of going to work on Monday on a Sunday nite..sigh. Prob a hair trim after my pre-wedding shoots next mth.