Saturday, April 26, 2008

Why read blogs?

I am currently on Google Reader which allows me to receive new content on my favorite news sites and blogs. While looking through my list of subscriptions, I realised most of them are from blogs written by strangers.

So why read blogs from people whom we don't even know?

Some blogs are just appealing. It can be the way it was written, the person's observations, perhaps even the personality portrayed to the reader.

Some of them are informative. I have a few which constantly write about Malaysian politics, food and also Korean entertainment.

I tend to avoid blogs which constantly write about non-political controversial stuff, especially bimbo blogs. I don't really care if you hate the rest of the world or if you think you are better than them. I don't even want to know if you are having PMS or not!

Sometimes it can be that the blogger is living a life that you want to be in. While you can't achieve your dream life, why not read it and perhaps be consoled someone is living it, or even better, be inspired!

I am following through a blog from an acquaintance. I found out about her blog by accident and have put into my reader. While is mostly about beauty and fashion, some of her observations and insights are interesting. Sometimes I wish I was as carefree as her, but looking through her thoughts, she has issues which I'm glad I don't encounter. I'm not sure if she knows I'm reading her blog though. I don't think she knows I maintain one as well.

I guess it's ok to have friends and some relatives reading your blogs. However it's really great (but sometimes spooky) to have a complete stranger following your blog. I do cover a wide range of topics (for me, this blog is like a diary, a memory bank, a Pensieve, a sphere, or whichever you want to call it) so from statistics there are quite a number of random visitors.

To my friends and relatives who read this, thanks for the support!

To the regular reader whom I've never met, what do you find appealing about my blog?

To the random visitor, glad that you drop by. I hope to see you again :)

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