Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Reunion of Sorts

Last week, my boyfriend and I met up with two high school friends who were living abroad, but were somehow back during the same time.

Both friends went overseas to study during the 1990's and subsequently found a job there and never came back. One was based in The States, while the other is living in England.

We had a good time catching up with times, as the last time I've seen them both together was in 2002. We talked about life, work, politics, the bad weather in UK, earthquakes, marriage and relationships, school, wine etc etc.

It's really quite funny to be observing the both of them during conversation. One has a strong American accent, while the other had the ever proper British accent. And here am I with the ever present Manglish, which made me feel like the one with no proper etiquette among the three (excluding my bf).

One of them brought along our final high school yearbook, which we had fun flipping through the pages trying to identify the person in the picture, and finding out the person's whereabouts. Thank goodness for Facebook, as our updates is basically whether is the person someone's friend on Facebook. One of my friends have been constantly keeping in touch with our high school classmates, so it's really amusing to find them either married with kids, or have either grow bigger horizontally, or balding. Some of my school mates became celebrities, or married prominent businessmen. Some just faded into oblivion.

At one point, my boyfriend was feeling nostalgic, he then called up his good friend, who is another of our close friends within that circle - who's living all the way in the US. The friend picked up the phone and we had a great time catching up as well. It's such a pity he could not join us for the reunion.

It was after midnight when we finally said goodbye, but not without the obligatory group photograph. As we sent them home, I wondered when will be the next time we will all meet up like this again.

But we all had a blast, and it's one for the books, a moment to remember, a reunion that I will always cherish.


Kenneth said...

dear nileey,

please send me your email addy to kenneth at vibracon dot come dot my because i would like to send you an invite to my blog (due to certain reasons, i need to restrict access to my blog).

thanks dear.

Kenneth said...

plus -

great to hear on your catchup ... anyone i know? WH just added me in friendster or FB ... can't remember which eheheh ...