Monday, May 12, 2008

What if?

As I read the news of the recent China earthquake that killed 7,600 people at press time, one thought raced through my mind.

What if there is an earthquake in Malaysia?

No one can prevent earthquakes, just like the tsunamis and the cyclones and the tornadoes. Our country is one of the lucky ones to be right outside the earthquake zone, although we have felt tremor of the earthquakes coming from Indonesia in recent years. Looking at all the high-rise buildings being constructed, clearly we are not prepared for such a natural disaster to happen. As seismic movement happens all the time, will we always be safe?

Imagine if it were to happen.

How many buildings in KL and PJ area can withstand the tremors? What if this happened during day time, or night? Does it matter?

What if it just happens like that, and then your whole life just flashes before you. Will you regret on not living your life, or be glad you have lived to the fullest? Will you be angry at God for making this happen to you? Or will you accept your fate as it is?

How about your loved ones, did you even have time to say goodbye before the next slab of concrete falls beneath you? What was the last thing you said to them before you went to work or school?

What if you are stranded inside a collapse building, only to witness your friends wither away, one by one, as you struggle whether to live or is it better just to die. What if no one found you and there you are just waiting for the Grim Reaper to take you away form your misery? Will you give in, or will your spirit never give up, hoping that you will be found eventually?

What if you survived but found that no one else did?

What if you never even had the chance to do all these as it all happened too fast?

What if?

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