Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Winning Streak

I'm on a roll!

Took part in the LOL contest on FluffFriends (application on Facebook) as well as The Gap Summer Musical on Polyvore.

The results are in :

I got 2nd place for my set submission on Polyvore!

Didn't receive any prizes but I'm happy anyway :D

Last night I was on Facebook when suddenly I received comments on my artwork. They released the results early! I quickly went into the results page and....my artwork was one of the Top 100! It's actually within the top 20 so I was very very excited!!!

I received a Foxee megamini, a convertible and some Jasmine tea for my fluff. Yay!

Not only that, I was very surprised when I won the raffle prize as well. So I receive a very nice habitat, and another cup of Jasmine tea. Double Yay!

It's going to be a happy, happy day :)


Polyvore said...

Your entry was absolutely gorgeous, congratulations! And congrats on FluffFriends as well...did you know that Polyvore actually shares an office space with FluffFriends? :-) Small world...

n i l e e y said...

thanks a lot! I love Polyvore and FluffFriends :)
I'm surprised you guys are in the same building! Wish i was working there...hehe...