Monday, June 16, 2008

6 Months!

* Was away for training in Singapore the past week, no time and access to blog. This should have been posted on 14 June 2008 *

6 more months till my wedding day!

* panics *

Been sitting at wedding planning for the past few months due to work commitments (yeah, always blame it on work) but had resumed early this month.

Some major outstanding work to complete on my part :

1) Wedding card.

We sort of decided what type of design we wanted for the card, but now is finding the supplier and the cost of making the card.

2) Florist

We haven't consulted any florist yet, waiting to settle with the hotel arrangements first. I understand cost for flowers may just spiral and blow the budget as it can be really expensive (depending on your requirements) so this have to wait.

3) Guest List

The most PAINFUL part of all - preparing and updating the guest list. As my organisation is so dynamic, I'd probably need to keep updating my wedding guest list until two months before getting married. I already need to strike off a few names from the invite because they are expecting and baby due some time in December! I hope the rest of the guest list won't change so much, but not sure about my fiance's side yet coz he haven't given me his list!

Hope to be able to settle these three things by July, or else I'll probably be panicking every day!

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lilium said...

I've got the cards and florist done already. Yeay! Left back the church choir, guest list and a little on the hotel (beverage, food tasting, table setting etc).