Sunday, June 01, 2008

A tiring weekend

I think I'm getting old.

Another busy weekend, but I already could not take it.

Or was it an after-effect after my busy work schedule last week? Could be both.

My Saturday morning is usually at the gym, of which later I headed to SS2 to run some errands. After having lunch at home, I wanted to finish up some of my reports which were due on Sat itself. Hardly half an hour later, I could not take it and crashed right into bed straight away at 2pm, which is really so unlike me!

Woke up at 4pm to find that my aunt from and my cousin Cheekiyaya from Penang just arrived. Had a great catching up chat with them, and then prepared to head to The Curve for Tham and SV's birthday celebration. I followed Eric and Link there as the Busy Man was still in office and will join us later. We had dinner at the German sausage restaurant, and pretty much whacked the roast pork knuckles, sausage platter, salad and pasta. I guess 'whacked' was an appropriate reference because we were comparing ourselves with the other patrons, and we actually finished first even though they were being served much earlier. That's what happened if you have 6 hungry people to share the food.

Unfortunately the German restaurant did not have any desserts, so we headed to TGIF for a round of their yummy brownies and cake! As the birthday boy and girl wanted to keep a low profile, we decided to sing the birthday songs on our own...

Here's the process of getting a shot of the brownie with the candle.

After quite a load of nonsense, we finally left the place around 11pm. I headed straight to bed once I reached home.

On Sunday morning, we dropped my aunt and Cheekiyaya to 1 Utama on our way to church. After mass, Oka-san and I joined them in 1 Utama around 12pm and engaged ourselves with a round of grocery shopping at Jusco supermarket. After battling the maniac crowd in the supermarket and 1 Utama as well, we finally left around 4pm. By the time I reached home I was ready to take a nap, but didn't do so coz I don't think I will wake up in time for dinner. So it was more of running other errands such as washing clothes until dinner time.

After dinner, my cousin and I chatted a bit more, then it was time for her to go home. We sent her home in KL, carrying a whole load of stuff for her (she's here to study). By the time I got back it was close to 10pm and again, I hit the bed. Slept a little while, woke up and write this blog.

Now, I've finished my blog and it's time to sleep again. It's not even 11:30! Sigh......

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