Friday, June 20, 2008

I love Charles & Keith!

Do you know what is Singapore's best (or worst) kept secret?

It's none other than...

Charles & Keith

I found out about their shoes through one of my earlier posting of finding a pair of decent peep toe pumps. Checked out their website and totally fell in love with their shoes!

Been itching to get hold of a pair since then but problem is there are no shops available in Malaysia! During my trip to KK, I paid a visit to their shop but could not find something that I really wanted to buy. I think I was too distracted then coz there were just too many shoes!

While in Brunei earlier this year, Ototo-san mentioned about this shop because his colleagues buy shoes from there, and I was again very determined to get something. Anything.

My 2nd visit was more successful, as I managed to buy not one, but two pair of shoes - a pair of brown sandals and black pumps respectively.

During my recent trip to Singapore, I headed straight to any Charles & Keith shop that I see, from Changi, to Bugis, to Marina Bay, to Bishan. Again, there's just too many shoes and I need to control myself from going on a shoe shopping spree.

In the end, after much deliberation, I bought a pair of glossy white quilted slip ons. Totally classy and it cost me only SGD39!

I just love the designs and quality of the shoes. They are definitely classier looking than Vincci, with the same price range as Nose (dollar for dollar). So far I've worn both my shoes and find them very comfortable as well. They sell a great range of bags and belts as well.

I heard there will be two shops opening soon, one in Pavilion KL, the other Sunway Pyramid. I bet the price will definitely be more expensive if compared to Singapore, but that will not stop me from visiting their shops :)

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