Saturday, June 28, 2008

Knowing What to Say

Sometimes being a manager is tough when talking to your staff. There are many times I wished I'd known what to say when face with an awkward situation. How great is it if there is some manual that tells you what to say, or even better - a remote that you can stop time and then draft out your script and prepare your next sentence.

Unfortunately it's just all wishful thinking. That's when I admire people who know what to say at the right time. Like the Busy Man.

Just had dinner with him and was telling him about a situation that I had to explain to one of my staff. After that he just told me, "you shouldn't have said that. You should have said blah,blah blah..." I was stunned. Why didn't I just think of that? I think I could have avoided a very tricky situation there if I were to said what he just told me.


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