Wednesday, June 04, 2008

No Queue!

The place I work has six lifts catering employees across nine storeys. The lifts are accessible from three basements and two more floors. Every morning there is this daunting task of queuing up for the lift to get to work, especially during the peak period around 9am.

Being the kiasu/kiasu employees of the company, many people try to secure a place in the lifts by pressing the DOWN button (basically the opposite direction), so that once the lifts stop at their floor, they can go in and happily wait for the lifts to reach basement, and then come up again. Wasting time going up and down? You bet, but so is just waiting at the Concourse in frustration. Worse, you are not even going anywhere.

Because of this, I had resolve to come to reach office after 9:15am so to avoid the long queue. Sometimes it takes me at 5 minutes, sometimes 10, sometimes I'm lucky I can get into an empty lift the minute I arrive. The longest probably took me 15 minutes.

Very recently, it’s either everyone was too kiasu, or that the lifts are not working (well, one lift was down), or there’s just more people in the building. Two days ago, I arrived at 9:25am only to find an extremely long queue waiting for the lift. It doesn't seemed like the crowd was moving for a good 5 minutes because there's no empty lift available. When we finally got into one (I think that was going down), each floor we stopped, we were greeted by frustration and sighs. Some will attempt to jump into the sardine-packed lift hoping to get in without triggering the alarm.

Yesterday was the same situation, so I decided to follow my friend to work today after gym. He told me he also had to wait a long time for the lift but reckon should be ok if we arrive before 9am.

Hence this morning I arrive at office at 8:45am and almost immediately got onto an empty lift. Soon I was at my floor. All in less than 5 minutes.

I'm contemplating should I start coming to work before 9am, but I guess it's going to be a challenge since I'm so 'tuned' to my after-9am routine.

Perhaps need to change mindset? Let's see how it goes first......


lilium said...

U were lucky to get into one. Bee Choon waited for half an hour. Kasihan.

Kenneth said...

he he ... wow nileey ... i'm always in the office by 7:15am. LOL ... and i'm 10 minutes away from work. ha ha ... i dunno ... it's been my routine for the past 6 years LOL ... so coming in anytime after that ... feels a little weird for me.

amelyn said...

Hi Yee Lin,
My work started Rostered Days Off at the start of the year and my 8.30am starts became 8am starts. Was initially worried that I won't be able to make it on time, but yeah - generally no problems, am in before 8am except when I oversleep ... which has happened 2-3x so far! :P