Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend at the Golden Triangle

Saturday nights are usually spent at home watching TV, or occasionally meeting up with friends for dinner around the PJ area. No one really wants to go to KL anyway because of the traffic jam and exorbitant parking rates. Unless there's really good food.

Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I decided to head down to KL for a change. We figured out that since the petrol price hike and start of Euro 2008, there should be relatively fewer cars on the road. Traffic was slightly better, but KL is still busy as ever.

After having a very nice Japanese dinner, we headed along the clubbing streets along Jalan P.Ramlee. I'm not into the clubbing scene so I've been only those places less than ten times in my life. We walked through along the whole stretch and back and here's my observation on some of these outlets :

Beach Club - One word : SLUTTY. I've heard so much about Beach Club, but honestly, it's probably more sleeazy than I can imagine. Yeah, there were lots of foreigners there, but the girls were all dressed up like hookers, and the place was just packed and full of smoke. We could catch a glimpse of the girls dancing, but that's about it.

Modesto's - Wow, they certainly revamped the whole place. Last time I went to Modesto's it was in Bangsar and Desa Sri Hartamas, and that was YEARS ago. I thought the open concept was well done as compared to its old, dark design. It's more like a dining place rather than bar, so many foreigners were there.

Aloha - Judging from the queue waiting to get in, I figured out this is the 'La-La' club among all. According to Ototo-san , I was right. The deco and music was loud, but we could not see anything else because of the closed layout.

Poppy Garden/Passion - Ah, I've heard so much about Poppy and Passion as a lot of my colleagues hang out there on Friday nights or weekends. It certainly looked like a classier place to be as compared to the others, and the people here were very well dressed. OTT? Well, better than being under than over.

My boyfriend then asked - if given a choice, which place would I go into. I said Poppy coz it's the coolest place among all. He said he probably chose Beach Club and I know why. I think I would go to Beach Club too just to look at people, perhaps making some crass remarks on some unfortunate souls. If it's a gathering with friends, it'll be Poppy.

Last time I came here, it was in 2003 (I think) and we went into the first club called Espanda. It is now closed and abandoned, a reminder that these clubs come and go, and it's tough to cater for the fickle-minded party crowd. I don't understand why people love clubbing so much. I mean - I have to pay to get in, drink something I don't really wanna drink, listen to music I don't like, I don't dance, and I can't chat because the music is so darn loud. I rather spend the money on good food instead.

After walking the entire stretch, we decided to hang around one of the 5-star hotels, ordered a pot of tea (yes, signs of getting old) and listen to their lounge music. The group that sang was really, really good. They did a lot of medleys, from Broadway musicals, to Josh Groban, to Disney. It was certainly more enjoyable than being out there with the maddening crowd. After we finished our drinks, we headed back home. Nothing beats a good performance to end the day.

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