Thursday, July 10, 2008

July Forecast - Burnout

Ok, we just about completed 2Q closing. Tiring, but at least it's over.

I'm thankful that I didn't that much issues and headaches to handle, as compared to my colleagues. But again, it really depends. Some months you get away, some months you don't.

However, July won't be a quiet month after all. In fact, I'll be out of office for the entire week, and of which some days I won't even be able to check my email. I can't imagine the work and meetings awaiting me when I return.

Meetings are already so time consuming, then we need to complete our reviews/reports etc etc by the end of the month!

July's gonna be B U R N O UT month! In fact, I can already feel it now......


lilium said...

July is goin to be a BUSY month for me too. Holiday and intensive educations. This month will come and go before we know it.

lemmonsea said...

From July, I should face on challenge, too.
Re-start to study Chinese, New System and Never-ending guideline and struggles with cty people..

However, when I think of my previous time, "do my best" always have a sweet result.