Saturday, July 05, 2008

Mother of Bride's Dilemma

Tell you a secret.

It's not just the bride-to-be who is stressed about her BIG day.

Apparently, mother of bride and future mother-in-law get very stressed up as well!

Over what? Well, not really the wedding, you see...

It's what to wear !!!

Ever since we announced our engagement, I kept getting inundated with questions from both Oka-san and my boyfriend's mum on what dress should they wear for the wedding dinner.

Naturally, everyone wants to look their best! Of course, being considerate, they would not want to steal the limelight from the bride, but they also do not want to ended up with the following :

1) Look too 'Aunty'
2) Look too sexy/'Young'
3) Look out of place
4) Colour clash
5) Feel uncomfortable

I know my future MIL is rather modern, so I'm kinda less concern she can't get something. However I think she will still show me what she will wear for the wedding night.

As for Oka-san, she already have her requirements :

1) No sleeveless
2) No Cheongsam
3) No sequins and shimmer

That itself already eliminate a lot of options available in the ready-made market. Chances are that she needs to get it tailor-made.

We resorted to the internet for some ideas. I searched 'Mother of Bride dress' on Google and the pictures that came up...let's just put it that way : If I was the Mother of the Bride, I wouldn't want to wear that as well!

Later, I managed to find a few bridal gown websites that offer dresses for Mother of Bride.


Their selection looks more modern as compared to my earlier search, and it sort of meets Oka-san's requirements. I got my fashion-grad cousin to give feedback as well. She suggested my mum just go with a two-piece, preferably the top with french lace. So Oka-san was planning to get my cousin's help to buy fabric, but only after her trip to Singapore in June, which she hoped she could go.

And then, she found her dress in Singapore!

It was a Daniel Yam long sleeveless dress with 'built-in' sash that can double up as a shawl or wrap. So essentially her requirements were still met. She even got a pair of matching shoes from the shop. How about that! Of course, she was ecstatic with her purchase, and can't wait to show me the dress once I return to the hotel. She was quite nervous that I didn't like it, but to her relief, the daughter gave her thumbs up for the dress :)

So now, Oka-san has one less headache for herself, which means back to more nagging on my wedding preparations. Dang...

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