Thursday, July 31, 2008


Last night I must have had the weirdest dream ever. It's got something to do with being held up in a shopping mall due to bomb threats and terrorists with menacing rifles. There was a point in time where all of us were squatting down with our arms over our heads. Then the terrorists opened fire, and I quickly fall flat on the floor pretending I was dead.

When I woke up, I found that I can't turn my head!

Each time I tried to turn my head in any direction, it really hurt! It's so bad I had to visit the Chinese chiropractor. The lady applied some oilment and started to massage the affected areas. In 15 minutes, she was done. My neck isn't so stiff now, but if I turn to certain angles it still hurt. I was given two muscle relaxant tablets to ease the pain.

Today it is slightly better, but once in a while I forgot about my neck condition and would turn too fast, and then *OUCH* the sharp pain can be felt again. Sigh. I think I need another session with another Chinese chiropractor. Hopefully 2nd time will be better.

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