Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Thoughts are like balls of yarn.

Like the many balls of yarn, we have many thoughts. It can be monotonous, or as colourful like the rainbow.

What is being unraveled from the yarn basically depends on the person knitting it. Put it another way, it falls back to the writer or narrator how to translate the thoughts into words.

The greatest challenge I face every time I write a post is probably how to articulate my thoughts into words, sentences, paragraphs, stories. It's very frustrating whenever I hit that 'block', especially when I have deep thoughts or feelings. I can be writing many times and yet nothing comes out the way I wanted it to be, or my posts simply looked messy and scattered.

Just like tangled yarn.

There are times I know what I want to write, but then my thoughts are muddled. If that's the case, then I really need to sort them, like splitting them into sections. Sometimes doing that is a good thought process, but in the end can be very time consuming, or I ended back in my first point on tangled yarn. I enjoyed seeing my thoughts being separated accordingly, which is why sometimes I may take days to even finish writing a post.

Some people are natural born writers. They have the flair to write interesting articles that mesmerize the reader every time. Some people articulate their thoughts and ideas very well. I always wonder just how do they do that. Perhaps it is just practice. Practice makes perfect.

There are of course books and websites that teaches one how to write. But I don't think I have the time to dwell into self-help books now as I have other priorities. Like my wedding, my work, and also writing my post :)

Anyway, not too sure suddenly why I see some yarn and then thought about writing this post. To me, anything can inspire my blog posts. My only wish is that I can write them better.

Hopefully, one day I am able to unravel my thoughts in the manner that I want it to be, and perhaps I may even knit out something totally interesting.

Like the knitted iPhone. Who would have ever thought of knitting that in the first place???

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lilium said...

I think you write well and way better than me =)