Thursday, August 28, 2008

Destressing with 'Auntie' J

Today I didn't really have the mood to work, wasn't in a good mood to begin with. Was already quite emotional when I reached office.

Thankfully my neighbour 'Auntie' J entertained me with videos of her son mimicking Kungfu Panda and Olympic winners. I find his attempt at weightlifting using his bolster absolutely hilarious! We later then sorted the chocolates stored in her old plastic casing and discarded the many expired items in it. Really, what a waste of good chocolate *tsk tsk*. There were times she hesitated to discard those chocolates, so I opened the wrapper and show her how the expired chocs look like. Lucky she has the sense not to consume them!

Later in the evening, after office hours, we headed to Pick n Brew for free coffee and cake. We chatted about work, her kids, my wedding, our parents and partners, and other stuff.

Suddenly she exclaimed, "Look at that!"

It was a beautiful rainbow.

We took some shots before it dissappeared.

I loved the moment when we saw the rainbow. It symbolises hope at a time we were feeling a little depressed.

After that, we went to Birdcage Boutique to check out the dress she was eyeing for. In the end, I got one in a different colour! Yay to retail therapy!

I left home feeling good (dispite being quite unproductive at work and deadline piling away). Thank you 'Auntie' J for lifting up my spirits today!


Kenneth said...

Dear Lin,

Don't fret! The weekend's almost upon us! :) We can all then skip, hop and jump away from reality for a few days and indulge in childish pleasures like tubs of Baskin & Robbins (31% discount on Sunday), shopping till we drop (Salary out ma) and just having a great time!!!! ;)

Hope your weekend pans out!

Kenny boy! :)

lilium said...

Pick and Brew..count me in next time. I also got a lot of things that needs to be destressed!