Sunday, August 24, 2008

Gone Too Soon

Ever since the shocking news on Lee Eon's sudden death a few days ago, my mood turned sombre each time I read further news on his passing, the people whom he's worked with and left without saying goodbye.

I really love Lee Eon's potrayal of the dumb-witted but kind-hearted Min Yeop in Coffee Prince. I didn't had a chance to follow through Strongest Chil Woo but I'm sure he would have put his heart and soul into the drama.

He's also known as a model (with good-looking physiques to boost). We don't hear much controversy about him, unlike those young Hollywood starlets. I was looking forward to watch his future dramas (when I have time).

And now he's gone. Too young, too soon.

Rest in Peace, Oppa.

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k-lover said...

Augg...I miss him too much as well since I've watched his Coffee Prince, and Who Are You episodes. That it's hard to watch Strongest Chil Woo.