Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Interesting Observations in Manila

After posting these pictures up, I am thankful in a way I live in Malaysia.

One 'culture-shock' while we were in Manila was the level of security around all the buildings. Everytime we enter a building, we are subject to a bag search. At first it was very troublesome, but in the end we also got used to it.

At SM Megamall

The funny part about this check is that they just ask you to open your bag, and then put a wooden stick into it. Some will take the effort of quickly rummaging it around, but most just put the stick in, pull it out and let us pass. Hotels tend to be stricter whereby the car booths must be opened prior to entering the hotel entrance.

I asked my Filipino colleague why this type of security. They said it has been implemented since 9/11. That's already many years so it looks like it's part and parcel of life for the normal Pinoy folk.

Just as I thought the bag checks were bad enough, I was very surprised when we were greeted by this security guard in front of KFC! This guard was carrying a rifle rather than a pistol. One may think he's on break but in fact he is not!

Why KFC? The only reason I can think of is that it is an American branch, and the fear is that terrorists will 'bomb' all those related to America. I'm not sure what can one rifle-holding guard can do in the event of an actual terrorist attack...

While in the hotel, I noticed the below signboard next to the lifts :

Earthquakes in Philippines? That's quite a scary thought! We're lucky not to come across any earthquakes or tremors during our stay. Or else, we'll probably panicked and go crazy on the spot.

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