Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kids & Adults

Thanks to Ken's Kutis, I am being tagged to complete this! (Ken, you are forgiven because these questions are actually kind of interesting, as compared to the 'conventional' ones which I avoid like the plague. But as you can see it took me a while to write this. Blame it on age. And wedding. And time. And work.)

Three things that amazed me about adults when I was a kid:

1) Problem Solving
When I was a kid, there's nothing my dad and mum can't do. They can do everything right, and even undo those you have done wrong. However, not all the time I get away without punishment.

2) Casinos
A trip to Genting with the family means two things : 1) we kids gets to take endless rides and play arcade games while someone watches over us. 2) The adults will take turns going into some mysterious place called the Casino. This usually happens when my other relatives visited us during school holidays, and we'll be staying in apartments, having picnics outside before proceeding into the arcade area. The men will be wearing their flowery shirts (later I found out it's Batik shirts) and they will talk about things like jackpot machine, poker and baccarat. If someone comes out with money, it's good news for all of us (more money = more free rides)

3) Coffee
My parents' breakfast routine back then included a very huge kole or jug of black, bitter stuff called coffee. They call it 'Kopi-O'. I called it disgusting. How could adults drink those stuff?

Three things that amaze me about kids, now that I'm an adult:

1) Honesty
It's really amazing to know how kids tell the truth all the time, even though they think they are not. They simply can't lie. It's also really entertaining when you can see through their lies and then they'll be wondering "How do they know I'm not telling the truth?"

2) IT Savvy
Kids nowadays learn very fast. I've seen my friends' children playing computer games, navigating mobile phones, use digital cameras, all less than 5 years old! I'm most amazed at little Linus, whom - at 2 years and 3 months - able to unlock his mummy's iphone and watch videos! Adults on the other hand, just can't cope with the technology, as demonstrated with my frustration sometimes in having to teach Oka-san how to use the computer despite running through the steps with her countless time.s

3) Innocence
Kids are simply a reflection of innocence, a reminisance of the past where everyone is born pure and untainted from all the evils of the world. You can never get angry at a kid for long because you know it is not their fault. It's just unfortunate they can't remain to be that way as they grow up.

Should I tag anyone? Perhaps Li Li, Jam, Ladolf and Chrispy (although i'm not sure if Chrispy and Ladolf qualifies as an 'adult') ^__^


Javatia said...

I'm happy to see I qualify as an adult ;)

Kenneth said...

he he he ... Lin, I love your entries. Made me think about the questions again. LOL ... I didn't have the trips to Genting that often, but when we did, it was FUN.

lilium said...

Haha..the casino part is really funny. Reminds me of those days that me and my brother had to wait outside for our parents at the casino. We like so kelian..waiting and waiting and waiting only..

I'll try on it..arr..just a little patience..