Monday, August 18, 2008

Spirit of the Olympics

One reason I love to watch the Olympic games is to witness how strong is one's will and determination to get to the top, to win the gold, to break the world record.

For the weightlifters, it's do or die lifting the heaviest load and being the strongest person on earth. Success means jubilation. Failure means dejection.

For the divers, the gymnast - You only have one chance. Do it right, or risk losing it all.

For the athletes, the swimmers - The hunger to be the fastest, the furthest, the highest.

For the archers, shooters - You need nerves of steel to hit the target under such intense pressure.

For games such as volleyball, basketball - Teamwork is upmost important. You play as a team, no glory for one but for all.

For some, they come for medals. Many aim for gold. For others, it's simply to beat world records.

The hunger, the thirst, the determination. It's all written in their expression. And when they fail, you could feel their defeat, their dreams fallen apart.

And I truly give my upmost respect to those who aim for the gold and deserves it. What else could justify their win? They worked so hard to get there.

Sometimes one could take inspiration from these people, learn never to give up and do your very best to achieve your dreams.

And that, I believe, is what keeps the spirit of Olympics alive after all these years.

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