Friday, September 19, 2008

Changing Lifestyle

I had been extremely busy of late - juggling work, wedding preparations, and now our new home.

We are very blessed to be able to find a home that's already renovated and (almost) fully furnished. We only need to buy some bulk electrical items and furniture and of course the tiny but important stuff such as kitchenware and some decorative items. So now, my weekends are usually spent in the house, be it cleaning, arranging stuff or just waiting for the furniture guy to deliver the goods to our home.

After reading blogger Minishort's post, I tend to agree with her that priorities has changed. It's like now my focus is also looking out for good household deals from warehouse sales, and suddenly shoes and bags become secondary needs. I remember spending lots of research and debating whether to buy that Corningware set that was on offer, arguing with my fiance which brand of rice cooker is more reliable, or which washing machine is more energy saving. We spent time shopping together at Tesco, or the nearest hardware shop. Just yesterday we went to ESH to get our Astro subscription done. That also we had to run through and decide which package we wanted - so for now it's no cartoons, no movies, no Discovery ; Yes to sports, news and MTV.

I also realised shopping together can be a pain, especially when it comes to controlling the budget. We will need to interrogate each other on whether the item should be put into the shopping cart or not. Is it necessary? Can we get it cheaper? (usually I will say that - sounds like 'Ah Sam' already!) Do we need it now? Guys usually don't think about price when they shop, it's the ladies who are the petty ones. There's also this magical place called IKEA, where you can just step in and start filling up the shopping bag at once, and then once you burn a hole in your pocket then realised why did you buy all these stuff for. My fiance was busy filling up the trolley, whereas I'm the one taking things out! However, in the end, we got what we wanted (I'm still eyeing the Nina Jobs fabric....)

Slowly but surely, I can see my lifestyle changing. My weekends used to be doing my own things - gym, running errands, paying bills, shopping for clothes. But now, it's spending time at our new home with the fiance. I'm not moving in yet until we get married, but there's so much that needs to be done at our home in preparation before moving in! I will also need to get used to married life soon, as decision making will need to consider another person as well...

I guess it's what people say why marriage and living together is a life-changing experience!


chooki said...

hahahah you should add in that the arguments at the supermarket are rather hilarious. 'No I don't want that...'
'But i want it..'
'Don't clutter the house ok..'
'Need to make it more homely.'
'Eh why you taking that thing...'
'I want it.'
'You just said don't clutter up the house.'
'This one I pay ok..'


lemmonsea said...

Although it is stress, but it will be quite refreshing~~

Kenneth said...

ooooo i loved shopping for my home and allllll the stuff that's in it! :) haahhaha

n i l e e y said...

chooki - ooo, the 'I pay so you can shut up' tactic eh? sigh...

lemonsea - yeah, i am looking at the bright side of spending my weekends with my husband in future! Breakfast, grocery shopping etc etc

Ken - yeah, home deco is really fun and addictive :)