Friday, September 26, 2008

Little Rubbish Bin

Ever since we moved to the new office building two years ago, we never had our own rubbish bins. This is due to some policy about 'accidentally thrashing confidential data'. The other version was simply due to cost savings - imagine how much time saved if you don't empty the trash for 400 ++ staff per floor!

Some of my colleagues took the liberty by bringing in their own rubbish bin. At my old workstation, there is this 'kakak' who will take the initiative to discard the rubbish from my colleague's bin. Sometimes she even help to line it with plastic bag! We were very thankful to the 'kakak's help, but ever since the new batch of workers came in, apparently personal rubbish bins became 'out-of-scope'. So now those rubbish bin owners have to throw away the trash on their own accord.

I've been wanting to get myself a little rubbish bin for my workstation for quite some time now but just haven't put in the effort to look for one. Just last week I was at the nearby hardware shop near my office and decided to walk into it (I'm a sucker for plastic containers).

Surprise, surprise! Found this gem in one of the giant bins.

It is slightly taller than a highlighter and has a detachable bottom, so you won't have to dig out the rubbish stuck at the bottom of the bin. Best of all, it only cost RM4.90!

Sweet - I like!

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lilium said...

Guess what? I am owning Lilian's Ikea rubbish bin now. HAHA! rubbish bin is emptied by the 'Kakak' these days. So I didn't have to empty it myself and line with a new plastic bag. There's another one at my old workstation. Not sure who bought that though;p. Hopefully it gets emptied too by the 'Kakak' coz it wasn't so previously. And know what..the ppl around me is also conveniently throwing their rubbish in my bins. Ok..I'll need to chg them now..Muahaha!