Tuesday, October 14, 2008

2 More Months


The days are getting closer.

It's exactly two months to my wedding, and less than one month to our ROM.

There are still loose ends that I really need to work on, and with this month without the help of my fiance (his company having internal audit and budget at the same time), I'll probably have to do things on my own, unless it requires serious decision making from both of us.

And then there are some things which you really can't do much about until it's around one month before the wedding then you can settle with the vendors such as my gownmaker, make up artist, photographer.

Not to mention I still have wedding dinners to attend. To me, this is ok because they are my friends, but perhaps my fiance may not see it that way though...I seriously hope I still have time even after attending all the wedding dinners.

There's also the most challenging task of all - the GUEST LIST. No matter how prepared I was, there's this possibility of changes and more changes.

I had the occasional bouts of blurness (What room?) , usually followed by panic attacks (OMG I haven't book the rooms yet!) . My friends and relatives are kind enough to assure me that everything is ok, and that claim I worry too much. Well, I can't help worrying right? Our wedding day is coming up!

I need to go shopping with Oka-san to check out accessories for my evening gown, as well as to get some household stuff for our new home. Next is also to get my cousins to help out on that day. And then there's the florist whom I have not yet confirmed. And also distributing the wedding cards. And the itinerary. And...and...and...


lilium said...

STRESS!! Sometime I get a litte excited over the wedding, sometime frustrated and sometime it make me teared for all the frustration with my parents that I have to go through..ish!

CyNurse said...


Just don't forget to take care of yourself in order to stay refreshilgly beautiful on the BIG DAY.


chooki said...

hehehe.,. drop me a mail if you want florist contacts.... i booked my flowers from floristika and then my beautician told me of this guy who did the whole works for her for less than 800 bucks, the test bouquet which she used for her ROM was 220 though but she got about 30 corsages for the family, her bouquet and her groom's corsage, the car,and also the hengdais car about 10 cars all tiedup with little flowers...

i'm using old town pj's fake flowers for the church pews, will donate thhe flowers to the church and prolly form a little wedding planner's ministry to help out other church members who are getting married.

andguest lst... youhaven't got to the table seating yet kakakaka