Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Crazy thing I just did


It all started one day something got stuck underneath my right 'Shift' key last week. I peeled (or 'kopek') off the key from my laptop, and was utterly mortified to find that there's just so much dirt and rubbish underneath those keys!

Imagine having eating, drinking and using your laptop for the past 2 years, the junk that have accumulated in between the keys.

It's like finding out that you have always missed out a particular shelf, and now that you turned it over, it's covered with dust.

So I was seriously contemplating for a good one week before I finally decided to 'just do it'.

I took off the keys - one by one - and started cleaning it.

Here's A S D F.

Check out the amount of dirt trapped underneath it.

I whipped out some cotton buds and blue tack, rolled the tack onto the cotton bud, and started cleaning.

I'm probably not the cleanest or fussiest person around. I didn't really dug deep to ensure every nook and cranny of the keyboard is covered, just the surface is good enough.

Here's the result after cleaning A S D F.

Check out the dirt on the cotton bud, and that's just after 4 keys!

It took me a good 20 minutes to peel off the keys off the keyboard and cleaning the surface, but I was happy getting rid of all those dirt.

There were some downsides to it though.

Some keys were notably looser after I put it back. I also had problems fixing back some of the keys.

Probably the most unfortunate one is that now my Spacebar and right Shift key are now no longer that receptive. I had problems using my laptop because these two are the most critical while typing emails. I ended up ordering a new key pad altogether. To be fair, the entire keyboard is already so old and worn out, and some keys were already loose. Put it another way - - my actions just aggravate the existing condition.

So, lesson learnt - Never ever attempt to open up the keys on the board just because you want to clean it.

Unless you are getting a new TP.


amelyn said...

I had a HP laptop... keys tended to pop out ... and after that, it would be virtually impossible to put them back in. I don't know if it's the laptop, or the way I type... :P However, now I've got a second keyboard attached to the (new asus) laptop via USB. I use that (easier anyway) when I'm at home, and the regular laptop keyboard when I'm out and about. Replacing the laptop keyboard was expensive as well as troublesome.

n i l e e y said...

hey Amelyn, yeah it's expensive to change the keyboard, I actually had to go to helpdesk to see if there's old keys i can replace my missing ones with. Not to say company doesn't want to pay, but i might as well save the company some money...till this happened...

lilium said...

Oh mine!! I can't believe what's hidden beneath. I've gotta wipe my keypads clean before I leave for work daily. I don't feel comfortable if it's not wipe clean..Haha!