Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Four Weddings

I attended four wedding dinners in Sept 08. And that's just the beginning of the many more weddings to come till Dec 08!

Lots of wedding invitations, also known as 'bomb' or 'saman'

I had to get ready the Ang Pows in return

The first wedding dinner was by my colleague Peter whom we've work together in the company club back in 2006. They had theirs at Hotel Maya.

Love the fairy lights

It's a surprisingly small banquet hall with two storeys, but with the deco it gives a very intimate ambiance for all. We were very lucky to be seated very near the bride/groom, but in the end also can't really see them as they were busy doing their rounds with the guests.

The second and third wedding receptions are both my university friends. Kar Wan had hers at ISHQ restaurant in Crowne Plaza Hotel. We had a so-called Indian dinner, which is a departure from the usual Chinese fare. Again, the setting of the restaurant is very intimate, and in my opinion, a little chaotic probably due to the staff lack of experience handling such a huge crowd.

A mirror reflection of ISHQ

I give credit to Kar Wan and her husband for attempting to be different for their wedding reception. Firstly was their choice of venue, which raised a couple of eyebrows. 2ndly, they had a real wedding cake! And we get to actually eat the cake! Thirdly was their concept of guest book whereby someone took poloroids of us, and we give our comments beneath our photos. It gives a more personalised touch for the wedding as well.

Kar Wan and her two swirling angels

Janet's wedding took place one week after Kar Wan's. Theirs was held at KL Hilton - somewhere which I dreamed to have my wedding dinner if I have tonnes of $. The decoration was very simple, albeit the beautiful towering rose plants planted along the walkway. They had a very nice jazz band who just played instrumental music. During the 2nd walk-in, she looked radiant wearing a very simple but stunning evening gown in Maroon with Grey sash (becoming stressed now...)

I loved the thank you favour, which is actually chocolates in a metal casing. There's also a magnet with the picture of the couple on the table, but I didn't take it home. However, what probably caught my attention was the deco figurine that came with the roasted duck :

It looked like the chef didn't wear pants, or his bum was very well defined.

The next day after Janet's wedding, we attended my fiance's staff wedding dinner at Oriental Pavillion. The restaurant is rather well-known as it serves a great selection of food ( I love their roast pork!) but I'm not sure how it goes during wedding.

The view from my seat before dinner started

We were seated toward the end of the banquet hall, but the crowd was very noisy so the back tables basically contributed all the noise required in a Chinese wedding. The food was something unique - 5 seasons anyone? - but yummy as usual. There's some fried fish dish that is very unique yet tasted great. I also enjoyed their desserts a lot too.

No, this is not yam seng. It was when the bride went up to sing and the crowd went wild.

I have 3 more coming in October. Perhaps it's a good time to draw on ideas based on observation :)