Friday, October 10, 2008

The (Online) Wedding Planner

Sometimes I just wished I found these websites first rather than hitting the magazine stores for some sort of wedding planner. While the bridal magazines does provide some useful pages I ended up making my own (unorganised) planner - [Note the oxymoron ]

For the brides to be, hope you will find these links useful, I certainly did!

Martha Steward's Online Wedding Tool
You will need to register first to reap the full benefits of the online wedding tool. I personally find it useful but takes a long time to load.

russell + hazel's downloadable Wedding Organizer
I love how they come up with printable sheets by category so you can afford to choose and print the sheets that you require. I like the music worksheet, floor plan, wedding timeline and definitely the budget sheet.

Happy planning!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you like the wedding planning templates we created, but I just wanted to add that the russell+hazel wedding organizer - sold at - is the most customizable wedding planner available, and it's eco-friendly!