Monday, October 27, 2008

The Sartorial Interview

Sartorial - adjective [before noun] FORMAL relating to the making of clothes, usually men's clothes, or to a way of dressing: sartorial elegance

Tagged by Li Li. Here goes :

Tracking the company's expense and telling people not to book their journals because it's below clip level.

*Best sartorial advice from your parents?
I think I listen more to my brother if it's sartorial advice.

*I build my daily look around
What I can grab from the wardrobe and whether I have the right type of undergarments for it.

*Personal Style quirk
Hairbands! Can't live without them

*Favorite designers
Umm, can't think of any at the moment, but I do love what Marc Jacobs did for LV.

*Most cherished item
My entire tortoise collection

*I feel best wearing?
A comfortable pair of jeans or khakis

*The first thing I look at in another Sartorialist’s outfit...Sartorialist?
Next question please.

*I always break this fashion rule...
I thought fashion has no boundaries?

*Never caught wearing
White shirt with black bra. It looks degrading.

*Most underrated item in menswear/womenswear

*Dress to impress who?

*Shine your own shoes?
Yeah, using those instant shine stick thingy though, so it's quick.

*Favorite stores?
G2000, Zara.

*Your next “must have” purchase
A pair of running shoes.

*I only buy __________ in Europe.
Is this a trick question?

*I skimp when buying...

*I splurge on…
Food and clothes.

*Favorite item of clothing
My Nine West sling bag.

*Guilty pleasure
Haagen Daz ice cream

*Cologne, skincare
Don't use cologne. Thalgo skincare

*Most stylish city

*When I was high school I wore
Blue shirt, dark blue skirt and tie, white socks and black shoes coz I refuse to wear a pinafore.

Only If you call jogging a sport.

*Favorite fashion magazine
Don't buy them

*Favorite vacation spot
Rome, London

*Favorite neighborhood restaurant
Pizza Uno.

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chilipadicello said...

heys! how are youu? congrats on your engagement and upcoming wedding, heard from your bro about it recently. looking forward to married life? thanks for dropping by my mouldy blog - at first you got me scratching my head at who "nileey" was, until i remember shyan telling my your blog was your name backwards haha.. anyways all the best with the hectic preparations, drop me a line sometime, maybe on fb if u have it. keep well! yi-wen x

chrispy0712 said...

caught me by suprise!!! i was tagged??!?!?!