Monday, October 20, 2008

Spring Cleaning Journal #1

Apart from work and wedding preparation, I also have to start packing my stuff and moving them into our new home.

I had been packing and unpacking stuff the past few weeks. My current room may be small, but I actually accumulated a lot of stuff throughout the years! Hence this will be another segment from my blog aptly titled 'Spring Cleaning Journal'.

First things first, I had to throw away those items that can be disposed off immediately, and one of them are boxes. You see, I love boxes, whether they are nice or not. Throughout the years, I have managed to accumulate a collection of boxes in all shapes and sizes. I've never reused most of the boxes, yet for some unexplained reason, I still refuse to discard them.

Well, looks like I have to do so now.

After much effort, here's what I had to throw away.

Such a waste of unused boxes! (sniff, sniff). The only consolation is that at least they are recyclable.

Next would be the most headache of all - newspaper articles.

I cut and keep a lot of newspaper articles since I was a little kid(these were before the era of the internet). There were those huge boxes of papers I had to discard when we first shifted house. From then on I kept a minimal collection but it was still rather significant when I took them out and looked at the articles once again.

Here's just a stack what I had to discard. It's mainly an assortment of newspaper and magazine articles covering anything from vocabulary to conservation efforts to tips for people hitting their 50's.

The oldest article I had to discard was from the Malay Mail, dated 1991. It was about this toy collector who by chance found an antique teddy bear, and she had her thoughts confirmed when the bear was put on display. I'm not sure why I hung on to this article for so long. The other was something about a jail convict who created a dollhouse solely using toothpicks and a penknife. That article was dated in 1992.

So these will all go to the recycle bin. I'll share next on my next post what I've kept after all these years :)


lilium said...

Speaking of spring cleaning, I still kept my uni books with the thought that I will do my Master one day. Sigh..don't think that will likely happen. Will also be spring cleaning soon before the "Big Move".

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