Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Four Weddings & A Funeral

No, I'm not referring to the movie.

This really happened during the month of October and the first weekend of November.

The first two weddings were held back-to-back on the 18th and 19th October respectively. One of them is my college-mate Jetqee whom I never met for about 6 years since she became a SIA flight attendant. The dinner was held at Palace of the Golden Horses, and it was a mini reunion among three of my classmates, including the bride. And to find out one of my classmate's husband is Ototo-san's boss! A small world indeed. The one on Sunday is my church friend Jeffrey whom I attended the church wedding mass on Saturday as well. The dinner was held at Tai Thong Puchong, and again I'm reunited with some of my church friends who have gone to churches nearer to their homes and no longer in town. It was enjoyable session chit-chatting and catching up times with all of them. One of my church friend married an Indian guy, and her two year old son understands Cantonese, English, som Mandarin and a little Tamil. Amazing!

25th and 26th October was Angeline and Eric's wedding. We were up on Saturday to do the 'chee-mui' thing in Subang. That was followed by the church wedding service at SIC. The groom and his 'heng-tai's didn't do much stunts though, claiming they were rushing for time. However, later we did have a lot of time to kill, so kena tipu already! Sunday night was their wedding dinner at Subang Sheraton. We managed to get the groom very drunk, luckily he was still able to walk straight but we're not too sure if he managed to make his way back to the bridal suite :p

On 1st November, we travelled down to Melaka for my colleague Jade's wedding. It was an almost disaster on our way to Equatorial Hotel. We took a different path out from the map provided by Jade, and I didn't have any alternative maps with me. As a result we got lost and by the time we got to the hotel ballroom, Jade and her husband were just making their way down the red carpet. Talk about just on time, or should I say just IN time. Thanks to Dennis for the instructions over the phone! I love the ambiance and the food in the hotel, so did everybody else. Kudos to the hotel for doing a great job!

In sharing the moments of happiness, there was sadness too - we received news from my church friend that Father Matthias Ki has passed away on the 24th Oct after a long illness. I always remember Father Ki as very kind and gentle priest, always smiling and meditating on his rosary. He would be waiting at the confessional booth, ready to listen to one's sins. He is also a favourite with children, as they love to shake hands and greet him. Just early this year, he sort of retired from his duties due to his illness. We attended the wake on Friday night itself, and I'm touched how many people turned up despite the wake only started at 10pm. He has requested to have his remains at St. Michael's Church in Ipoh, of which I later found out that he was a key person in bringing up that church. May he rest in peace.

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