Saturday, November 01, 2008

Spring Cleaning Journal #2

Sorry for the lack of updates. Between work, wedding and blogging, I had to prioritise.

In my previous post, I mentioned about throwing my paper articles away. Here, I'm going to put up some of those which I decided to keep.

I'm an accountant by profession, but sometimes I still wish I was at marketing. Here are some of the advertisements I kept because I love media. I've thrown away a considerable amount, but these few still caught my attention nevertheless.

Gucci print ads

For some reason I love Gucci ads, it simply oozes style and sensuality.

This Gucci ad with Carolyn Murphy (now cover girl for Estee Lauder) is especially memorable to me as it marked the turning point for the House of Gucci. Tom Ford became the creative director for Gucci in 1994, and when his 1995 collection was spotted on Madonna, everyone sat up and paid attention. The rest is history.

Absolut Vodka print ads

Although I'm not a fan of hard liquor, I can't resist Absolut Vodka ads. By simply marketing the signature bottle, the opportunities are endless. Most of these are collected from my time in Sydney, where we subscribed to some magazines and most of the time there will be Absolut Vodka ads on it. Click here for more on Absolut Vodka ads.

Salem and Swatch newspaper ads

Before Digi, we seldom had interesting print advertisements on the newspapers. Perhaps the most glamorous of all being the Salem World and Swatch.

Before the ban on tobacco companies to sponsor entertainment events, Salem was the one to watch out for in the mid-90's as they were having contests to watch overseas concerts such as Elton John and Madonna. Now our concerts are mostly sponsored by telco companies, and occasionally Da Ma Cai.

When Swatch opened its first outlet in Lot 10, it used to have one full-page newsletters called Swatch Shop. Now, they do advertise their limited edition watches, but I don't collect those ads anymore.


The rest here are not advertisement related, but more to things like movies and music. Most of these now function as a time capsule of what happened in the past.

Disney cartoons

When I was a kid, I loved Disney cartoons. Snow White, Cinderella, Dumbo, Peter Pan, Bambi, Sleeping Beauty, Lady and the Tramp etc etc... I watched it all. Even as I progressed to my teenage years, I still watched The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Mulan. Nowadays I only watch Pixar animation :)

The Peter Pan and Bambi pictures are actually 3D stick-ons that I had since primary school. I used to have a few of these on my study table, and when we shifted house in the mid-90s, I only manage to salvage these two, which is why they are so memorable to me.

1999 BN Election Poster

Anyone remembers this? There's a few in the series making fun of PAS, DAP leaders and of course DSAI with his 'headache' and 'black eye'. That ads left a bad taste for many voters - plus the DSAI scandal - the 1999 General Election win was one of the lowest experienced by Barisan National over the years since independence (with exception of 1969 election) at that point of time. The 2008 General Election has now supercede the 1999 record as the worse performance by BN, having lost the 2/3 majority even though they are still the ruling coliation.

Boyzone poster

I don't know when was this, but I simple love Boyzone (as compared to Take That). Don't Ronan Keating look so young then?

Jonathan Brandis poster

My teenage infatuation during Seaquest DSV. My classmates and I even sent him a birthday card to his fan club!

He committed suicide in 2003 :( Rest in Peace.

Romeo & Juliet movie poster

I was totally blown away by the Romeo & Juliet movie I started looking for magazines for its movie poster (Back then no such progressive thing like the internet) and was lucky to find it in this local entertainment magazine called M3. I remember paying RM7 just for this page. It remains one of my favourite movies despite still not appreciating Shakespeare's works.

Star Wars articles

OK, I have tonnes of Star Wars stuff, here's just one of them. But mind you I'm only referring to Star Wars Episode IV, V and VI. Back in 1997, my poor boyfriend (now my husband) had to rush to get me the movie posters when they re-released the 'special edition' of trilogy in the cinema. I also still have the Pizza Hut Trilogy plastic cup although it's half broken already.

Harrison Ford articles

OK, perhaps I should admit that I'm a huge fan of Harrison Ford. I love him as Hans Solo, Jack Ryan and Indiana Jones (which triggered the frenzy of keeping all these articles). Other favourite movies of his include Working Girl, The Fugutive and Air Force One although I have yet to watch Blade Runner. His recent retun in the 4th installment of Indiana Jones is nothing to shout about, but I do enjoy seeing all the corny jokes, his smirk and definitely his charm. Lucky Calista Flockhart.

I haven't been collecting his articles ever since the Internet, but I'm sure these articles will be with me for a very long time :)

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amelyn said...

Hey Yee Lin
Your post sure brings back a lot of memories...

I remember the Absolut ads. They were always very different yet in the same format, every time.

I also remember Salem promotions. They were usually quite full-on.

I liked Jonathan Brandis too. :) I think I made my brother name his Koala Bear, JB Lucas ... Lucas for his character on SeaQuest. I was really impressed by his character - super genius at a young age. :)

I also liked Harrison Ford. I was particularly impressed by his clothes in the movie Sabrina. Cerutti. He's one of those guys who just age so sophisticatedly.

That was all, so long ago!!! :)