Saturday, December 06, 2008

One More Week

Been wanting to blog but since I'm so bogged down with wedding preparation, moving house and other misc stuff, blogging suddenly becomes something of a least priority, or a luxury item to do, depending on which mood I am in.

Hubby's also been complaining I spend to much time on my blogs, but to me it is a channel of putting in my thoughts and memories, so I will still blog, but of course other priorities come first right now :)

Just one more week to go, and while the major stuff are sorted out, we're still left with the small stuff. Someone once said 'Don't sweat the small stuff', but ironically it's the small stuff that matters! Something unexpected happened during gown fitting, but my designer will finalise it by next week. Finding the perfect ribbons for the church pew was also unexpectedly a nightmare, because apparently the local stores don't stock the colour of ribbon that I wanted. In the end, we had to settle for some shade which is definitely not my first choice, but what do to...sigh...

Last week was madness, having to put on the finishing touches on my church booklet and send it for printing, finalising the itenary, the song list, the guest list, the tea ceremony list, the ang pow list, the to-do list, honeymoon planning (yeah, suddenly I had to do that too!!! But the honeymoon is altogether a different story). Then I'm shuttling between both houses, having to clean the new house and my room. Oto-san is already putting his books into my bookshelf, I think he's going to convert it into a study room once I move out. I'm still upset I can't find my Star Wars posters, what happened to them? :(

This coming week is more of meeting up with key people who will be helping me out with the wedding, plus ironing out those annoying little issues that pop out now and then. I'll try to squeeze in one more post before my Big Day if I have the time to do so.

8 more days! Need I put in another reminder?


lilium said...

Yes..those little details do matters. Anyway, am glad the Holy Matrimony went well. With God's grace, the weather wasn't too hot and my make up ain't melting.

Don't worry too much on the actual day. Leave it all to the key ppl u have delegated and enjoy.

`H U I L I N G said...

Hello Da Jie. One more week. I'm sure you're going to be a pretty bride. What's important is having an enjoyable wedding on that day. Excited to see you soon. And that day will come soon. Haha.

See you soon! And my brother-in-law. Lol.