Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Sorry for the lack of posts this month. The first half of December was just pre-occupied with wedding planning. Right after our wedding ceremony is over, it's more packing/unpacking into the new home, going for our short honeymoon trip at Pangkor Laut Resort, and not to mention LOTS OF HOUSEWORK.

I'll probably only be covering all my blog backlogs some time mid-Jan (after year-end close) as I seemed to have a considerable amount of posts pending to be published. This includes those wedding related as well. The post below is not a backlog but something I decided to pen down as that's what I feel strongly about.


Now that I'm married and living in the same roof with my husband (duh!) I realised a few more things about myself which I never quite knew :

I have an obsession with laundry. This is really scary as I'm constantly on the lookout for things to wash, and always cleaning the washing machine as well. Not so keen on the ironing part though, so that tends to pile up till either one of us can't take it anymore.

Housework drives me up the wall. I'm now on a post-wedding break till end of the year, but everyday feels like a busy and tiring day for me at home. I'll be looking for things to wipe, check if the toilet needs to be cleaned, is the floor clean enough. Even I'm not like that when I'm staying with my parents. Sometimes I'm supposed to check my work mail but ended up I'm just too physically exhausted with the housework to even check Lotus Notes. Which is why I'm considering going back to office earlier than expected, to get away from the housework!

I'm extremely clumsy and careless. In less than a month staying in our new home, I had already caused considerable damage which just made hubby so mad at me :( Need to be more careful in future...

I am watching TVB again! To be more specific, I'm currently following The Gem of Life on AOD, and find the series very interesting, although a bit more complex than I expected to be (TVB tend to dramatise the situation, don't they?). I'm not really a TVB fan but I watched quite a number of TVB dramas in the eighties (Dodo Cheng, Adam Cheng, Chow Yun Fatt era) I think the last TVB series I watched was A Taste of Love before I switched to Korean dramas. No matter how interesting the series was, I still stick by my Korean dramas. Currently there's nothing interesting on Shuang Xing or KBS World right now, so The Gem of Life will probably keep me entertained for the moment.

I'm watching more TV than ever. Back when I am staying with my parents, I hardly watch TV. However, I'm watching more TV with hubby, especially during weekends. Be it AOD, Celestial Movies, Star World, HBO etc etc, I'm actually spending more time watching TV and less time on the internet (which is part of the reason I didn't really blog as well...). Grandma should be happy to hear this as she complains that I work too much and don't have time to watch TV. However, not sure if this will all change once I go back to work.

I miss Oka-san's cooking. I always love homecook food, but now I miss it even more. Have cooked a couple of times, nothing beats Oka-san's home cooked meals.

More blog posts to come eventually.

Happy New Year to all and wishing for a great 2009 ahead!


lilium said...

Haha! Point 1&2, I'll likely experience more when I am in London. And yes, watching TV is the thing to do with hubby. I am watching a lot of news when staying with hubby. And yes, there is nothing like mum's cooking.

mangomoon said...

im on gem of life too :)
ganbate ya

amelyn said...

Happy New Year, Yee Lin!! :)