Thursday, February 19, 2009

Big Cooking Project #1 - Vegetable Curry

Remember my trip to the market, partly in preparation for my BIG cooking project?

Well, it is none other than vegetable curry!

It is a big cooking project for me because :

  1. I had never cook curry before.
  2. Oka-san is on vacation now, so I can't ask her for help.
  3. Hubby loves curry, so high expectation from him and myself
Anyway, I got my ingredients :
  • Vegetable curry mix from Liza's stall at Taman Tun wet market.
  • Grated coconut to make diluted santan
  • Vegetables - cabbage, long beans, brinjal
  • Curry leaves
  • Tau pok
  • Onions
So after much preparation and cooking, here's the result :

it's already half-eaten only I remember to take a photo of it

I made many mistakes in the process of cooking vegetable curry :
  • I think i didn't fry the paste fragrant enough before adding water.
  • I added too much water, so it tasted diluted.
  • Not enough coconut (could be due to too much water as well).
  • Didn't wait for curry to boil before adding the vegetables.

Overall, hubby didn't even gave me a rating for this dish! Sigh...

I am sad this didn't go well, but hopefully I will improve the next time I cook this dish again.


lilium said...

I am sure there are room for improvements since it's only your first time cooking it. It will taste a lot better the next time. I did my first cooking project last week too. Hubby said quite nice. Pass I suppose? Haha! Will blog it later minus the photos. Hehe!!

n i l e e y said...

thanks li li, my other cooking is ok, husband usually give 6 or 7 rating, but not this one... thinking of my next BIG project...hehehe

HN said...

Oh don't worry YL, it's not easy to cook a good vegetable curry. I have tried many times but the curry still lack of the umpphhh :D My mum used to add in salted fish head but that is not vege curry anymore right :P