Friday, February 13, 2009

Let's go to the Market

Since young, I usually accompany Oka-san to the market to help her carry the items she purchased. Over the years, although I'm not the one deciding what to buy, I'll observe what Oka-san buys and sometimes ask her what is this and that.

Well, now I am married, it is my turn to go to the market and ACTUALLY buy stuff!

Am on leave today, so decided to take the opportunity to go to the Taman Tun wet market and do some grocery shopping. Oka-san goes to this market as well, so I usually just go back to the same stall that she frequents, perhaps due to familiarity.

Thankfully, all the years of my trips to the market paid off. I have no problems identifying what type of vegetables or fruits, or even which part of chicken and pork should I buy for soup or cooking. Probably the biggest headache is what to buy! Have to think ahead what to cook for dinner for the next few days......

However, the problem i find is that i'm not fimiliar with the pricing. I thought my trip this time around was pretty expensive, but will use this as a comparison the next time i go to the market.

Here's a list of my purchase today :

Vegetables (cabbage, carrot, brinjal, long beans, cucumber, celery) RM15.50
Chicken bone and fillet RM5.60
Pork ribs and tenderloin RM14
Fruits (green apple and papaya) RM13
Eggs RM3.50
Dried sundries (Onion, ikan bilis, dried shrimp) RM10.70

Now my fridge is full of vegetables, like real!

Will be clearing some stock this weekend, hope my big cooking project will pass!


Adeline said...


Interestingly, I'll be making my first trip to the wet market by myself tomorrow... Planning to buy a lot, but first have to locate where exactly is the market. Heheh.. Will let you know how successful my trip is. :o)

lilium said...'s a headache to think what to cook. Sometimes I really wonder how my mum can decide quickly what she wants to cook.

WELL, today I did my first cooking for hubby. Hopefully it will pass =)

Kenneth said...

He he ... I've been to that same market loads of times. LOL ... pretty ok la your prices. I spent about RM154.00 yesterday on groceries also la ... 1/2 of that in the market ... got chicken, pork, veges, bread, fish etc ... and I'm only having 1 dinner party this week and the rest is for the week ... wow. Hmm ... good luck with your cooking project!!!!

Rudy's Lightroom said...'s amazing how when you're married you tend to try to fill up the fridge. I used to empty it when I was growing up while still living with my parents...hehe