Friday, February 06, 2009

Spring Cleaning Journal #6

My last Spring Cleaning Journal! I should be able to start on my wedding posts soon :)

When I was young, I was a very sentimental person. That's probably very reflective of the things I keep back then. As I grew older, I find that I'm not so sentimental anymore. Either the reality of life just taken the thrill of keeping stuff, or I just simply ran out of space!

Anyway, while spring cleaning my room, I found a few well-kept boxes at the top corner of my wardrobe. These boxes represents a significant part of my early years, and hence probably my most sentimental keepsake. As I went through my stuff and re-organising them into the new boxes, memories just keep flashing back. Most of it I had covered during previous postings, here's the last part.

And here we go...

As I would like to think most girls have lots of soft toys, I probably am one of them too. There's Gizmo, camels, Honey Pooh, Ototo-san's hippo, The Dog, tortoises, the Sydney Olympic mascots, etc etc. There's quite a few from my then-boyfriend (now husband), such as the blue mouse he got from Genting, the McDonald blue hooded teddy bear, the small puppy, and a couple of plush tortoises.

This is the 1989 Christmas Teddy Bear, as evident on his sweater. Oka-san bought this for me from Babyland SS2 for less than RM30. He's a really cuddly fellow and one of my regular bed buddies, together with Shelley the tortoise and Rosemary the rag doll.

Ah, Strawberry Shortcake dolls. They accompanied me when I was a little kid. Now they are considered 'vintage'. Isn't it ironic? Such a pity I didn't keep the Strawberry Mini House. I wonder where it went...

(Above) From left - Strawberry Shortcake, Angel Cake, Lime Chiffon, Blueberry Muffin

(Below) Clockwise from left - Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Tart, Crepe Suzette, Almond Tea, Apple Dumplin

Oka-san even made me a Strawberry Shortcake quilt back then! Very sentimental...

Ooo, I had a Lucky Lottery Troll back then! Should put it out again and hope to strike 4D :p

My Hello Kitty storage box - A gift from my Primary school classmate. It had served me well as I have kept various items over the years.

A Musical Box from my classmate Siew Ping. Siew Ping was my best friend in school during Standard 1, and that was a gift from her during my birthday. Although the colour has changed, and the gramophone broken, it still played the tune Swan Lake very clearly.

Other miscellaneous momentos from my childhood. Many of these were gifts from family and friends, of which I don't have the heart to discard.

Medals of which I won during primary school.

My first two Swatch watches. I remember Swatch first landed in KL and Oto-san bought me my first Swatch (in checkered pink) from Lot 10. The subsequent watch had a blue leather strap but I had changed it after the original strap broke.

Well, if you think I'm the only one who's sentimental and keeping so much 'rubbish', check out my husband's box of toys!

He's got quite a collection of classic Transformers and Star Wars toys. My MIL wanted to give them away but he strongly wanted to keep them!

I guess next time no need to buy toys in future :)


lilium said...

Wow!! That's quite a number of things u kept =)

I had a lot given away during my periodic spring cleanings.

`H U I L I N G said...

Woah Sis, you sure have lots of rubbish. Lol. So much more than mine. Haha.