Wednesday, March 04, 2009

American Idol Top 36 Round 3

Phew, there's so much more better performances tonight!

Von Smith : I think he's all right only.

Taylor Vaifanua : Erm, I'll pass. And same goes for the latex leggings.

Alex Wagner-Trugman : Haha, his performance is funny in an unexpected way. I like the way he accidently pull out the mike from the stand.

Arianna Afsar : She just totally killed the ABBA song. What as waste since people had high expectations on her.

Ju'not Joyner : Soulful but not interesting enough.

Kristen McNamara : Ah, I like her voice, but not so sure if she made an impact to the audience or not.

Nathaniel Marshall : Oh my goodness! My bulu roma just naik watching him perform. He's really a DIVA and drama queen! Could he be the next RuPaul?

Felicia Barton : Wow, she's great! I hope she can make it to the finals.

Scott Macintyre : He's got a nice voice and sounds inspirational this round. I wonder if he will go through because of who he is.

Kendall Beard: Erm, she sounds a bit screechy. Pass.

Jorge Nunez : Wow, Paula looks like she loves him very much. He has a nice voice but I think he may be outshadowed by Scott.

Lil Rounds : Triple Wow! What a great performance! She made it look so flawless as compared to the rest.

This round is tough. I'll go for Lil Rounds, Scott Macintyre and Kristen McNamara. I have a nagging feeling Felicia Barton will go through rather than Kristen though.

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