Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Day Without Internet

It all started on Friday night.

After coming home from work, I turned on the PC and let the computer continue with my downloads. There seemed to be no network, but I didn't take much notice as it happens to our connection at times, and it will auto-connect later. I proceeded with dinner preparation.

While waiting for the steamed chicken dish (which I think scored a measly 4/10), I went back and tried to reconnect. After a few attempts, as well as running the Streamyx Connection Helper, I concluded I needed help, but not without having dinner first.

After dinner, I remember I needed to head to the clinic to check on my gastric attacks. Unfortunately the clinic just closed when I reached there. Not wanting to go home straight, I went to Ikea instead.

When I came back around 10pm, I called TM right away. There were announcements of service disruptions around the Klang Valley. I was very pissed off when no one attended to each of my calls. Feeling frutrated but unable to do anything (hubby had a late meeting so he's not back yet), I decided to start sorting out some of my wedding pictures for our delayed Photobook album before hitting the bed.

The next day, I informed hubby on the internet connection. He tried calling TM in the morning as well, but could not get a response. We went out to run errands and were back around 3pm. I went over to my parents' house to return the car, and used the Net while waiting for hubby to pick me up. Seems their connection was very slow, but at least they were connected.

Hubby lodged a report when I was at my parents, and was given a ticket number. After coming back from dinner, still no connection in sight. Argh! What's wrong with our connection???

It was only today afternoon, after I came back from church, I found our Internet connection up and running again. Hubby fixed the problem on his own without checking with TM. Yay!

The problem? Two things :

1) The TM server somehow reset our password to the original password again. Hubby found this out while reinstalling the application.

2) I didn't realised hubby actually changed the location of the wires in the splitter while troubleshooting. Apparently one of the wires were connected to the wrong port (*sweat*)

I came to realisation my dependancy on the Internet in every day life. Not one day passes without me using the Internet, and to the extent it has been taken for granted. I found myself quite frustrated not being able to log on and surf, something I look forward to every day after work. On the other hand, not being able to surf did help me to look for other stuff to work on, such as my other projects which I have sat on for many many moons.

The other thing I noticed - the minute I logged on, be it at my parents' place or home, there's only one website I would go first : No it's not Facebook (surprise!) but my Google Reader! I think I'm really hooked to Google Reader. I actually logged on via my mobile phone just to check for updates!

Oh well, we're still considering if we should change to P1 Wimax after this incident... but anyway, I'm so glad to be back online!

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lilium said...

Tell me abt living without the internet. When my laptop went KO last week, I like sudah gila. What am I to do without the internet. I live on it and it's my only way to the world..hahaha!