Monday, March 16, 2009

Long Overdue

I know that it's been 3 months since our wedding, and yet no blog posting in sight.

I'm very sorry for the delay, but there were still some 'unfinished business' from the wedding which I had been dragging my feet on - namely finalising the wedding album, and providing the videographer with a selection of songs for our MTV.

I've been getting a lot of nagging from parents, parents-in-law and hubby on my great procrastination, so finally I spent the weekend clearing this backlog, and am almost done!

I hope to be able to start at least one post before the quarter end begins...time waits for no one......

Keep your fingers crossed ya?

1 comment:

lilium said...

Fingers crossed for u. I also didn't blog my last league (Malacca tea reception and dinner). Again in the name of procrastination..hahaha!