Friday, March 27, 2009

Why I'm Skeptical about Earth Hour

There has been a lot of buzz lately on Earth Hour happening this Saturday 28th March from 8:30pm - 9:30pm. There is plenty of publicity given to this event in Malaysia this year, through the media. As a result, everyone is all excited over it, and hopping into the 'Vote for Earth' bandwagon by pledging to turn off the lights for one hour.

I have my reservations though - Do they really understand the meaning of this?

Yes, it is your vote that counts - Earth vs Global Warming, which will be presented during the next Global Climate Change Conference. But what I make out of this - at least in Malaysia - is that it is more of a publicity thing rather than creating awareness.

So what if you turn off your lights for one hour, but continue to leave the whole house air-conditioned the rest of the year? So what if you proudly wear that Earth Hour t-shirt but still chain smoking away? So what if you join the rest of the crowd shouting and cheering when the clock stuck 8:30, but then get stuck in a traffic jam, car fumes and petrol burning and all?

Is there really awareness created within Malaysians? Or everyone just wants to feel good and have a good time?

For those corporations who pledge their support - If you can turn off all non-essential lights for an hour, would you be able to do so any other time? Then why not make this practice permanent?

You may call me a cynic, a skeptic, a killjoy. But to say I don't love earth is clearly an understatement.

I bring a shopping bag along whenever I do my grocery shopping. Whenever possible, I will take away food in a plastic container. I sort my waste - paper, glass, plastic. I turn off the lights when I no longer need them. I am a Kawan WWF member. I'm not a true greenie but it's the best I do now.

It's tough getting into all these habits because it is not widely practiced in Malaysia. So if I say I am skeptical about Earth House, I don't mean I do not support it. I just wish and hope that each Malaysians who pledge to do so will understand the meaning of it, and put into practice. It's easy to say this is the Government's job, but I strongly believe we are all equally responsible for the sake of our future, and Mother Earth as well.

Lastly, I signed up - not for the sake of everyone is doing it, but at least it is something I believe in. Earth Hour is an ingenious idea. It's just I think the message is not properly passed down to the Malaysians.

Click below if you choose to Vote for Earth. I already did.

And I practice what I preach.


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Kenneth said...

yeah ... well I'm as much a greenie as you are I reckon. I use energy saving lightbulbs and i ensured that almost all my appliances are energy efficient ones. I don't have much trash to sort through and i've got that reusable shopping bag. just need to remember to bring it with me. ;)