Monday, April 20, 2009

Big Cooking Project #2 - Sweet & Sour Pork

Hubby always loved eating sweet & sour pork, or in Cantonese, Kou Lou Yuk. Since we got married, I had always wanted to cook this dish, but never really got about it.

Today I am on leave, so I already planned to try this dish out, among other dishes. I did my marketing over the weekend, search up the Internet for some recipes, and it's all boils down to the action at 5pm!

I basically used a combination of two recipes - one from Wokkingmum and the other from Kuali. Reason being I didn't have all the ingredients for one recipe, so just try using both and see.

So I present to you the result of my cooking project :

Looks decent, no?

Hubby said presentation is good, but taste-wise he gave a 6.

Few key points I needed to remember :

  • Cut the meat into smaller pieces. The butcher gave me shoulder loin which is slightly tough and chewy, so the bigger cubes were actually quite challenging to eat.
  • Improve on my deep fry technique. I think it's something to do with the flour coating.
  • Make more sauce. The sauce was actually yummy but i made too little of it.

Well, at least this beats my disastrous vegetable curry anytime...

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lilium said...

It looks decent Yee Lin! Yeah! Way to go for becoming 'part time house wife'..hehehe! Eventually u will get better. I feel a lot more comfortable cooking for hubby now. Of course, he is always my white mouse =)