Friday, April 24, 2009

My take on the Top 5

Finally, the Top 5.

I had to say this batch of American Idol is a very talented bunch. Not only they can sing very well, some of them even went ahead and entice the crowd with their own intepretations of the song.

Here's my take and sequence of elimination :

Adam Lambert would probably be the undisputed American Idol for this season, judging from his stellar performances and wow factor leaving everyone wanting for more. While I personally prefer his mellow tones instead of the screaming and screeching, I see him as the next Mika. There's no stopping him now, unless he screw up somewhere so bad no one is willing to forgive him.

While I still think Adam Lambert is the best, my personal favourite is Kris Allen. He's risen to the challenge of song intepretation and doing great so far. Not to mention such a cutie too!

Danny Gokey remains Mr Popular dispite his OK performances. I still think he has a good voice, but perhaps he should seriously consider going into the Christian music path as I struggle to imagine him as an American Idol. During the Disco theme night, I suddenly realised he looked like George Michael with the goatee! *shrudders*

Someone please save Alison Iraheta. I seriously think she's way better than many of the contestants, but somehow she's not popular enough to draw in the votes. She's already ended up in the bottom three a couple of times.

Ok, no matter what, I still can't find myself supporting Matt Giraud. He too struggled, but the surprising part was he was more popular than Anoop! Anyway, I think there's only that much he can go on with the show.

Who I think will be eliminated (by sequence)
Matt Giraud
Alison Iraheta
Danny Gokey

The Finals
Kris Allen vs Adam Lambert

Anyway, I shall keep watching to find out who will be the next American Idol!

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lilium said...

I agree totally! Adam without a doubt will be the next Americal Idol. And let's hope he is indeed.

My take on the final 2..
Adam vs Danny

Kris is good. I do like him.but it seems that he doesn't 'shine' much as the competition goes on. He can be unforgetable.

Allison was never my fav. I think her voice is not really versatile and husky.

Eliminations in order: