American Idol Final - Adam vs Kris

I've been following this season's AI quite faithfully, but as the Top 13 belt it out, week after week, I already have my two favourites - Adam Lambert and Kris Allen who I have predicted will be the Top 2.

So my prediction came true (Sorry to all Gokey fans!)

Two different personalities, two different styles.

One blows you away with his flamboyant range, putting you on a high like a drug and kept you wanting for more.

The other caresses when you least expected it, leaving a whisper on your ear and a fluttering in your heart.

The results were out yesterday - Kris is the new American Idol!

As much as I always preferred Kris, I expected Adam to win as he fits into the AI crown more than Kris. So the results was a pleasant surprise for me (shock is the term more for the Lambert fans), but I'm not concerned for Adam's future. He will definitely go far with his amazing talent.

Here's to Kris, the new American Idol. Wishing you all the best in your journey!


Lilium said…
I am getting a bit over it now.. =)
Happy that Kris win. Both were winners to me although given the preference would be Adam.