Thursday, May 07, 2009

I won a bicycle!

I first saw the Reuse contest on the Justlife Shop website in conjunction with Earth Day. It seemed simple enough : Just turn a scrap item into something else.

The prize? A reconditioned classic bicycle.

It's not even a best design award as the prizes will be given out to the winners via lucky draw. No harm trying!

I already had a few ideas which I quickly came up with during the one week submission time. Once done, all I needed to do next was to wait for the actual draw date itself.

26th April 09 - Ikano Power Centre

The venue - including the platform - was decorated with recycled products, in line with the Earth Day theme.

There were many submissions. 101 to be precise. (according to the organisers)

This submission is one of my favourites. Cute dogs made of raffia strings. The larger version is made of cigarette carton box. (The lady was one of the winners as well during the lucky draw.)

Then came the lucky draw.

No.1 - not me
No.2 - not me
No.3 - They called my name!

I just won a bicycle!

I'm just so excited! I needed to go up the stage and explain my 'creation' to the audience.

Here's my creation - A spring onion planter :)

I used a styrofoam container (this from the tau foo fah stall), soil and some onions. Pretty easy no? It's also convenient for those who have space contraint but want to plant some spring onions. I plan to grow some other smaller herbs but for now, this will do.

Hubby thought I stand a good chance winning - that's his hunch. Hence he was not surprised when my name was called out. We celebrated our win with ice-cream, and then it was the BIG headache - trying to bring my prize back home! After much heated arguement in the car park, we managed to get the bicycle home in one piece, albeit a minor scratch on his car. Ouch! Sorry for that, dear!

Here's a picture of my new 'baby'. Now what I need next is to buy a helmet and practise my cycling again - It's been almost 14 years since I've cycled!


lilium said...

Good win!

amelyn said...

most interesting... very retro, too. :)